Giselle’s Treasure Trove

Giselle’s Treasure Trove

Giselle Gilbert

Giselle Gilbert
SAG Eligible
Age Range: 15-22 Height: 5’6” Hair: Brown Eyes: Blue

SHFTY Girlfriend Christiano Covino
Heir or Lungs Claudia Music Video, David Gantz
Lucid Roadie Music Video, Katrina Inagaki
Stormy Weather Jane USC Student Film
Leaving Clare USC Student Film
I Snatched Andy Warhol College Hipster Independent, Devon Armstrong
Candy Bug Abbey USC Grad Film, Roxanne Teti
The Journal Claire USC Student Film
Scene Express Mean Girl Student Film
Corn Pops Supporting Student Film
LAALA Promo Video Supporting LAALA Film Program
Night of the Striking Dead Supporting Student Film
Action Santa Lead Student Film
Boom, Boom, Boom Supporting Student Film
A Super Hero Movie Fabian Student Film
Cabinet Door Handles Twin Pinewood Productions

Territory of Dreams, Reading:
Stage Directions, Pasadena Playhouse, Michael Arabian
Jungle Lovin’ Lioness Ruby Theatre, John Brooks
“Pretty Pretty Princess” Gigi Scene Dock, USC, MFA Drama Club
The Mayor, Reading:
Mother of God, McClintock Theatre, USC, Jon Lawrence Rivera
Short Play Festival, Reading:
Stage Directions Village Gate Theatre, USC MFA Dramatic Writing Program
Les Liaisons Dangereuses Cécile Scene Dock, USC, Robert Shampain
24 Hour Play Festival Gum/Squirrel Scene Dock, USC, MFA Drama Club
The Treehouse, Reading:
Stage Directions, Village Gate Theatre, USC, Western Edge Playwrights’ Salon
Quiet of the Storm , Ensemble, Massman Theatre, USC New Works Fest., Laural Meade
Kiss Me Kate Supporting Los Angeles Academy Theatre
Cymbeline Imogen Los Angeles Academy Shakespearience
The Fantasticks Mortitia Dance Now! Theatre, Erin Holt

Dance – Erin Holt
Improv – Christopher Smith, Richard Reich

Acting – Mary Joan Negro, Joseph Hacker, Michael Keenan, Randy Mell, Kevin McCorkle, Jennifer Warren
Acting Workshop with Christine Lahti
Dialects – Kathy Dunn-Muzingo
Voice Over – Vicki Lewis
Singing – Clarissa Shan

Recipient of the David Dukes Memorial Scholarship

Dialects (Southern (American), New York, British (RP), Irish), Snowboarding, Ballet, Conversational Spanish, Fine Art